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Certified Coach Program

Want to teach pickleball to school age children?

Our Certified Coach program opens new doors for adult pickleball players to introduce the game to kids.

Nothing brings us together quite like pickleball and the opportunity to help children develop as athletes and people.  Pickleball Kids USA is dedicated to protecting young athletes, their families, and pickleball organizations and programs with background checks, policy education, and expert support. We are trusted by thousands to help create a safe and respectful environment for young pickleball players to thrive in.

Every young athlete should be safe (from emotional, physical, or sexual misconduct), supported (in a welcoming and respectful environment), and strengthened (in using their skills make a positive impact on their world).

Who needs to be a Certified Coach?

  • Any adult who works with children teaching or supervision pickleball
  • Players who want to teach kids in recreational or institutional settings
  • Parks and recreation personnel
  • PE teachers

Our Certified Coach program embodies a commitment to safety and respect through extensive screening of pickleball coaches, education of those coaches to ensure they are relevant and effective, and reporting tools to keep pickleball kids safe.

As a result, the Pickleball Kids USA Certified Coach program is designed for coaches, volunteers, recreation workers, and others who desire to sustain a positive sports culture for the children under their charge. We believe that our training program makes adverse incidents less likely to occur.

Our training also helps you understand your responsibilities should such incidents occur. We want to build a strong pickleball community that unites us through our shared mission, challenges intolerance, and teaches respect, perseverance, and teamwork.  As a result, children build self-esteem, confidence, and social skills that that take off the court into their own lives.

If you are an adult who has contact with or authority over children when teaching pickleball needs to be a Certified Coach.

Our program includes:

  • Background screening-including criminal background checks and US Center for SafeSports disciplinary database.
  • Insurance policy
  • Discounts on equipment
  • Your own listing on our directory of coaches
Certified Coach Program