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Pickleball Kids USA Certified Coaches

Stephanie Lane

Stephanie Lane’s commitment to sports is demonstrated in both her vocation and her avocation. As an elementary school physical education teacher for over two decades, she understands the value of physical activity and fitness in children. As a pickleball professional who has amassed a broad array of gold and silver medals from national tournaments across the country, she has seen the transformative role that pickleball can have, not just on her life, but the lives of those who pick up a paddle for the first time and fall in love with the game.

Stephanie has made significant contributions to the formative stages of the game.

  • IPTPA Certified & Regional Director
  • Executive board member of IPTPA
  • Nominating committee member for Pickleball Hall of Fame
  • IPTPA Juniors Development Committee
  • Executive board member of Pickleball Hall of Fame
  • Helped write Pickleball rules portion of AAU/USAPA Handbook & member of committee
  • Currently serve on the PLS (Pickleball Legacy Scholarship) board helping students with financial assistance for their educational goals & dreams
  • 17 year old daughter LeEllen Lane, 4.5 pickleball player
  • 2020 Co-Pickleball Rocks Player of the Year

Madison Mummert

Madison Mummert trained on the elite team at Maryland Farms YMCA in Brentwood and later earned a tennis scholarship to Cumberland University in Lebanon, Tennessee. Certified as a PTR coach for over nine years, he returned to “The Farm” as a staff pro three years ago, where he continues to work with many top junior players in the state. As girls’ tennis coach at Franklin Road Academy, he has transformed the program, leading the girl’s middle school team to a conference championship in his first year.

Emily Enoch

Emily has played tennis most of her life, having trained at Maryland Farms where she rose to be a member of the fabled Elite Team.  She maintains many friendships she made at Maryland Farms and credits the program with enabling her to continue to play the game after high school. Emily is finishing her senior year at Birmingham-Southern where she attends on a varsity tennis scholarship and will begin graduate school in the fall, working toward her Doctorate in Physical Therapy. She has previously worked at Maryland Farms as a Summer Tennis Camp member and has an extensive background working with children.

Olivia Zimberg

Few junior players at Maryland Farms YMCA train harder than Olivia Zimberg. Over the years, we have watched her dedication to the game at “The Farm” translate into a successful varsity tennis experience at St. Cecelia Academy in Nashville, where she just graduated. We also observed the friendships she cultivated and her willingness to help other players, regardless of their skill level or age.  In the fall, she will attend University of Tennessee at Knoxville, where she plans to study Accounting and Data Analytics. Her love of the game doesn’t end after high school: she plans to be actively involved in the USTA Tennis on Campus club team there.