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Pickleball Etiquette for Kids

Pickleball Kids USA Competitors Show Good Sportsmanship When “Iron Sharpens Iron”

by Randall Bedwell © 2021

Everyone must follow the rules of the game in pickleball. Rules make sure that play is safe and fair. Pickleball also has unwritten rules or customs – what we call “etiquette” – the way you act and behave to uphold safety, respect, and fairness to everyone around you on the pickleball court.

Below are some tips on pickleball etiquette that all Pickleball Kids USA junior players are expected to follow:

Pickleball is just a game and, win or lose, you are primarily here to learn.  Our motto “iron sharpens iron” means we help each other learn and grow as both pickleball players and as friends.

Pickleball Kids USA is a club with many kids playing at different skill levels. Sometimes you may end up playing someone not matched to your level. Remember this: Pickleball Kids USA junior players are courteous and respectful of everyone, regardless of how well they play. Remember, you were in their shoes once, too.

Make sure you introduce yourself to your opponents and share something about yourself.  Start and contribute to conversations. You are friendly competitors on the court and friends off the court.

When crossing behind another court to get to (or leave) your court, wait until the point is over and ask if it is okay for you to cross.  Then tell them “thank you” when you have crossed successfully.

Pickleball Kids USA believes that the “spirit of the game” is as important as the game itself and that the way you conduct yourself on the court helps you off the court.

Please reviews these guidelines on pickleball etiquette and let us know if you can come up with some new ones.  We will add it to this page and give you credit for coming up with it!

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